The City of Waterloo has approved a new food truck bylaw. The motion was approved last night, after councillor unanimously voted in favour of extending a pilot project by two years.

City councillor Karen Scian says, over time they have seen that food trucks do enrich the core.

“People are figuring out that their businesses are being enhanced by these food trucks being in the area.”

Under the new bylaw, the same rules that apply to restaurants will apply to food trucks. Truck operators have to apply for and obtain an event license at no cost.

Previously operators in Waterloo had to buy an annual license of $2,200 on top of that they would have to hand over $1,200 for a special event, like the Jazz Festival.

City officials say the new structure, will allow safety and flexibility. The new bylaw will eliminate the Public Square as an option for food trucks.

Councillor Karen Scian says they'd like to keep it open as a public space and a spot for various other activities.

Food trucks can still park nearby and use curb-side spaces on the north side of Willis Way, West of King Street.