WATERLOO -- Speed limits in some Waterloo neighbourhoods will have slower speed limits this summer.

Two neighbourhoods will drop from 50 to 40 km/h as part of a pilot project. Another 60 stretches of road across the city could also see a change.

Eastbridge and Westvale will see the changes first because city officials already have traffic data from those neighbourhoods. The speed change will allow the city to collect more data for the collection data office’s reopening in the fall.

There’s no date for when the new speed limits will come into effect. Signage for the areas has already been ordered.

The pilot project will remain in place until spring 2021.

Waterloo city council also discusses bike lanes at its meeting on Monday morning. Councillors plan to bring in more bike lanes, since street parking isn’t allowed on streets with bike lanes.

The speed reduction plans are the result of public complaints of speeding and noise.