A day full of tornado watches and warnings along with severe thunderstorms have left residents across southwestern Ontario feeling shaken.

Bands of severe weather swept through the area from the northwest late Wednesday afternoon and into the late evening.

The list of watches and warnings for both tornadoes and severe thunderstorms changed constantly, encompassing almost all of southwestern Ontario from Windsor to Toronto, north to Algonquin and south to the Niagara Region.

The thunderstorms came as a cold front moved in following hot, humid air in the area on Wednesday afternoon.

Environment Canada had predicted hail, damaging wind, torrential downpours and lightning, with the possibility of tornadoes.

There were no immediate reports of significant damage, but there were widespread power outages as thunder, lightning, high wind and heavy rain moved through.

Residents were encouraged to remain indoors to wait out the storm.

No injuries have yet been reported.