KITCHENER -- The search for a man wanted for first degree murder is now over.

Roger Van Every was arrested in Northern Ontario around 2 a..m Thursday morning regarding a triple shooting in Brantford.

The manhunt began for the 33-year-old on Feb. 8 following the incident at the Galaxy Motel. Jason David Kosssatz, a 42-year-old man from Brantford, was pronounced dead as two others were injured and taken to hospital.

"We believe it was a non random act of violence," said a representative from the Brantford Police. "It's still part of the investigation in regards to why this happened."

Two people were arrested shortly after the shooting. Their identities have not been released.

London Police arrested 22-year-old Shajjad Hossain Irdish of Hamilton on Valentine’s Day in connection to the shooting.

Irdish and Van Every are both accused of first degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, and other charges related to the incident.

Officials say they now have all suspects in reagrds to the Galaxy Motel shooting.

Brantford Police say a number of services assisted with the case, including: Anishinabek, North Bay, Six Nations, London, and the OPP. They add that Anishinabek and North Bay police directly assisted with the arrest.

Officials also mentioned that Van Every is related to Lynne VanEvery and Larry Reynolds: a Brantford couple who were both shot and killed in their Park Road South home last summer.