WATERLOO -- A wandering turkey in the Lincoln Heights neighbourhood of Waterloo has become a local favourite and brought people together during times of isolation.

Residents around Washington Avenue say the turkey often hangs out near the wooded areas and packs a personality unlike any other.

“I don’t know if its one turkey or two but we keep seeing it everywhere,” said resident Nadine Linton.

Resident Alisha Steele says she first saw the bird in her backyard during April and has had continued sightings throughout the spring.

“On the morning of may ninth it was snowing, we looked out the window saw over across the street a turkey knocking at the door of our neighbours house,” said resident Meghan Koiter.

Timm Veera says he feels like there were sightings dating back to a few years ago.

“I think as he matures, his territory is expanding,” he said. “He’s working to control more area, thereby walking around neighbourhoods more and prettying himself.”

Bill Dowd, president & CEO of Skeddadle Humane Wildlife Control, says wildlife sightings have increased over the last few months.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in our call volumes, anywhere from three to five hundred calls a day into our office,” he said. “Just leave it be, it’s harmless, it’s going to be in the neighbourhood, and eventually it will move on.”

Resident Deb Goggin says the turkey mostly picks bugs out of gardens, takes some dirt baths, and chases cars or cyclists down the street.

Steele adds that the Lincoln Heights Facebook page is now all about turkey sightings.

A debate on the name of the turkey has also been raised. Some call it Theresa and insist that it’s female, while others say it’s male.