The night Nicole Wagler was shot and killed in Michael Schweitzer’s home was the first time she had been at the house in several days, jurors at Schweitzer’s trial heard Wednesday.

Schweitzer has pleaded not guilty to murdering Wagler, and not guilty to the attempted murder of Tyler Baker, his roommate.

On Dec. 4, 2012, responding police officers found Wagler dead inside Schweitzer’s home in Milverton.

Baker, who had also been shot, was critically injured.

Jurors have heard that the two roommates were both involved in sexual relationships with Wagler.

Wednesday’s testimony included the reading of several text messages sent between Wagler and Schweitzers’ phones in the days before the shooting.

Court heard that Wagler spent that period avoiding the home Schweitzer and Baker shared, as she was tired of them asking her to have sex.

The messages read aloud Wednesday morning show Schweitzer repeatedly asking Wagler to come to his house, and Wagler repeatedly turning him down.

The messages became less frequent as the shooting drew closer, with the trial hearing that Schweitzer was upset with Wagler’s refusals.

Under cross-examination, a police officer said that there was no way to conclusively prove the messages from Schweitzer’s phone were indeed composed by him.

Jurors also heard that at 9:51 p.m. on the night of the shooting – about 20 minutes before the first call to 911 – a song was called up and played on a laptop computer inside the home.

The song was stopped before it ended, although it was not clear if that was due to an issue with the computer – which was significantly damaged when police showed up – or due to a person stopping it.

The trial continues Thursday.