KITCHENER -- A new multi-million-dollar transit hub planned for downtown Kitchener is expected to transform how we get around Waterloo Region, and now residents can see what it will look like.

Engage Waterloo Region released a virtual tour that allows viewers to explore the hub that will be located at King and Victoria Streets.

The modern design is made mostly with glass and will be fully accessible.

The hub will include a Go Train and Via Rail station and will also connect with the LRT, Grand River Transit buses and nearby multi-use trails.

Since the focus is on pedestrians and cyclists, the hub won't have very many parking spaces.

"This is a very dense urban site, so it's much more difficult to accommodate large volumes of car parking. It is a transit oriented location so our expectation is that parking at this site will be relatively minimum in the long run,” said Rod Regier, commissioner of planning, development and legislative services for the Region of Waterloo.

The region has $43 million from the province to pay for the project but believe it could cost more.

Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2021 and be complete by the end of 2022.