KITCHENER -- The cause of a fire that destroyed more than a dozen townhouse units that were under construction in Kitchener is under investigation.

Police say the fire began at a townhouse development just before 8 p.m. Monday on Morrison Road.

Video taken at the scene shows flames and a huge cloud of smoke above the skyline in Kitchener.

Police say multiple units that were under construction caught fire, and several were destroyed. Chief Fire Prevention Officer Tom Ruggle tells CTV Kitchener that a block of 14 units was destroyed, while another block of 14 had 11 of its units damaged. The total cost of the damage is currently estimated at around $2 million.

"The outcome of that will come down to an assessment that will be taken later this week," he said.

According to a press release from police issued Tuesday, a number of homes on neighbourhing Manor Drive also sustained damage from the excessive heat caused by the fire.

They say no one was living in the homes and there are no reports of injuries, but those living in the area were asked to evacuate as a precaution. Officers closed off roads at King Street and River Road, as well as King Street at Stonegate Drive and Manor Drive while crews battled the fire.

On Tuesday, police reported that all roads surrounding the fire scene had reopened.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say there wasn't anything on the site that could have caused it.

"We found that there was good house-keeping practices on the building site, which led up to rule out a number of things that we would typically suspect in a site of this nature. But, they weren't found to be contributory because they simply weren't there," Ruggle said. "There was no electrical, there was no HVAC system, there was no gas, no compressed gases on site, very few things that could've contributed to the fire."