The 25-year-old man shot and killed in a parking lot on Thursday evening has been identified as Adam Tyler Jones of Kitchener.

The shooting happened around 7 p.m. on Belmont Avenue West near Gage Avenue, and Jones was pronounced dead at the scene.

A small memorial was set up on Friday and people living in the community say they are going to do everything they can to make sure the area is safe.

Just hours after the shooting, CTV News received an email from resident A.J. Mahari describing her shock and sadness.

“Little children were out riding bikes and playing - I am going to set up a tenants association and a neighbourhood watch…we need to care about these violent incidents, to protect ourselves and our children from being innocent victims in the crossfire.”

She told CTV News Friday she was on her way to vote when “Kids were running, parents were collecting kids saying ‘Somebody got shot, somebody got shot.”

Elections Ontario, which had a returning office in a nearby building, says the voting location remained open as police determined there was no risk to public safety.

Another resident who was to afraid to speak on camera tells CTV News she agrees with Mahari on the unaddressed issues in the area.

She says there is a constant police presence at the apartment complex, despite efforts by the property manager to improve community safety.

Police say the shooting is believed to have been targeted. They completed a search of the area for evidence on Thursday morning.

Waterloo Regional police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel says “It wouldn’t be prudent for us to release any specifics about the suspect at this time, or the suspects involved.”

A male suspect was reportedly seen fleeing the area in a vehicle.

Nonetheless, investigators say they are planning to go door to door to try to find witnesses and information.