KITCHENER -- Venues and vendors in Waterloo Region are stepping up to help couples who booked their weddings at Hacienda Sarria.

The popular venue shut its doors for good earlier this week.

Matt Campbell and Carling dal Bianco were supposed to get married, but postponed their summer wedding to 2021 because of COVID-19. Now, that date might be pushed too.

"Matt found an article saying that they had gone bankrupt," dal Bianco said.

The couple isn't sure what their wedding day will look like, or when it will happen, following Hacienda Sarria's closure.

"A lot of venues are booking into 2022," Campbell said.

Some local venues said they are available and hoping to help.

"We've working out some numbers and we have the ability to help some of these weddings host a very quick turnaround," said Christina Marshall with Tapestry Hall. "For instance, this Saturday or Sunday or even next weekend."

The hall opened in Cambridge last year and isn't fully booked yet. Marshall said they have some flexibility.

"We'll work with your vendors that you have already employed and hired so that they don't lose out as well, because that's the other effect when any type of venue closes," Marshall said. "You're affecting not only the venue itself but you're affecting the vendors that were associated with the event."

Chef D runs the kitchen at Deer Ridge Golf Club and said he's already met with a couple who was supposed to get married at Hacienda Sarria this weekend.

"We went through the whole menu, we offered everything they were getting before and then some," he said. "We'll waive the room rental because I know you've lost your deposit."

Rachel and Jeff said the vendors have been amazing and flexible with the last-minute changes.

"We are so grateful for all of them and their support," Rachel said in an emailed statement to CTV News.

"We know this is hard for so many couples, and despite all the changes this week, we are looking forward to our wedding day!"

Campbell and dal Bianco have a few months to change their plans for their big day, but said they've been told their $7,500 deposit paid to Hacienda Sarria likely won't be refunded.

"The employees were incredible," Campbell said. "I feel so sad for them."

DJs said they are also losing business this year due to the pandemic. Dancing is still prohibited under Stage 3 of the province's reopening plan,

"We don't act as much of a DJ when we're there, more as an AV professional with the streaming service or providing microphones and background music," Nitro Music owner Neil Lariviere said.

Lariviere is also the co-founder of the Ontario Wedding Association and said the future of weddings, even post-pandemic, could be challenging.

"Once dancing is allowed again, I do think we're going to have smaller numbers at our events," he said.

Couples affected by Hacienda Sarria's closure have created a Facebook group to help with support and plans.