KITCHENER -- Waterloo Region's COVID-19 vaccine task force said supply shortages has slowed plans to ramp-up vaccination efforts.

Speaking at the region's Board of Health meeting on Wednesday, Dept. Chief Shirley Hilton said the region isn't getting the amount of Moderna vaccine expected. However, Pfizer supply should remain steady.

Hilton said they're still able to vaccinate about 3,000 people per day. However, plans to increase that effort to 10,000 vaccines a day could be delayed due to that lack of supply.

The shortage also forced the task force to shut down a clinic in Wellesley that resulted in the cancellation of 130 appointments, and cancel some pop-up and mobile clinics.

"We will continue to vaccinate thousands of residents a day, but not at the levels we were hoping to," Hilton said. "Unfortunately the supply of the Moderna vaccine has become unstable and about two-thirds of our immediate supply has been delayed."

Hilton said the province has promised a bridge supply so the Wellesley clinic and other pop-ups can operate again next week.

However, there's no consistent supply of the Moderna vaccine right now.