Less than an hour after a package was dropped off at Lawrence Porter’s house, it was snatched.

Security footage shows the theft from his Rockwood home in broad daylight: a man grabs the package, pauses to look at his phone, then takes off with the package in-hand.

Inside the box was a pair of shoes for his wife worth about $75.

“To have that sense that someone could walk up in the middle of the day and take something off your porch is a little unsettling,” Porter says.

The home’s security camera also captured the drop-off, which shows the package being set down and the delivery person taking a photo.

That photo was later sent to the family as evidence that the package had arrived at its destination.

Nobody rang the doorbell or knocked on his door, though, Porter says.

After reaching out to Amazon, the company quickly resent the same item out. It was delivered while cameras were rolling for this story, but again, no attempt was made to knock or ring the bell.

The shipping courier IntelCom says it will be investigating.

Amazon says they work with a variety of carriers and each has their own practices for ensuring package safety. Neither company has responded to questions asking if ringing the doorbell or knocking is part of their protocol.

Police say they’re investigating as well.

“Identification of someone committing a crime is paramount,” explains Const. Kirk MacDonald with the OPP. “With camera footage, it certainly does assist us.”

He says that thieves are always looking for new ways to commit these kinds of crimes.

The Porters say they will ask the courier to get a signature before leaving the package.