A University of Waterloo student says she can now pay her tuition this year thanks to the help of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Ayesha Khurram, 20, says she has been a superfan of Swift’s since 2009.

The Mississauga resident has been connected to Swift on Tumblr since 2015, saying the superstar often likes her posts.

Khurram says she even got to meet the singer backstage at her concert in 2018.

After the provincial government announced cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program earlier this year, Khurram says she was at a loss at how to pay her tuition and rent for the upcoming semester.

"Last year my entire tuition and rent for the second semester was all covered by OSAP, this year even my tuition wasn't covered by OSAP, let alone my rent," Khurram says.

After posting about her struggles online one of her friends suggested posting her PayPal account in case people wanted to help her out and donate money.

"I thought that was a good idea, like I should do it, and there’s no shame in it," Khurram says.

She says not long after she posted it, she received an email saying Swift had given her just over $6,300.

"I feel like I have no more problems anymore, I feel like I'm going to sleep really well tonight," Khurram says.

Khurram says her and her family had moved to Canada from Pakistan in 2016, in hopes of creating a better life.

"It's incredible, I mean it's the reason we moved here, education and a better lifestyle, and for Taylor to contribute to that in the best way possible, I have no words," says Khurram.

Khurram will start her second year in the University of Waterloo’s Accounting and Financial Management program this fall.