KITCHENER -- The union representing Grand River Transit employees is calling on the Region to reduce the passenger limit on buses from twenty to ten.

UNIFOR Local 4304President Tim Jewell says in their opinion, this will better protect drivers and riders.

“There’s going to be more room for them to sit between seats,and every other seat.  Just away,for each other, to create better physical distancing,that will allow less people on the bus,” Jewellsays.

“This is an unprecedented time … everyone is worried right now”, he added.

“The utmost importance is not only customers’ safety, but drivers as well.”

Director of Transit Services for the Region of Waterloo, Peter Zinck, says measures have already been put in place to protect drivers.

“We’ve looked at our best practices in the province and we’ve selected a number of passengers that we feel is appropriate. Given the fact that the operator is not in direct contact with the customers we feel we’ve hit the right spot with this,” he says.

The union says drivers need to be better protected and are also asking the region to provide facemasks for them.

The region says operators already have social separation, but workers can wear masks if they bring their own.

UNIFOR represents some Bell Media employees includingsome at CTV.