In 2013-14, more than 1,100 students in Waterloo Region were suspended because their school weren’t provided with up-to-date immunization records.

This year, that total will be zero.

Region of Waterloo Public Health has relaxed its usual protocol as it implements a new elecotronic information system.

The new system replaces 35 separate databases used previously, which health authorities worry could present issues around duplication.

“We need time to resolve thousands of duplicate records,” said Linda Black, the manager of the region’s vaccine-preventable disease program.

“We don’t want to inadvertently suspend a child … because of a glitch in our information.”

Provincial legislation requires all students between the ages of four and 17 to be immunized against a variety of diseases.

Three new immunizations were added to that list this year.

Even without suspensions being on offer, authorities in Waterloo Region will continue to send notices to parents who haven’t provided up-to-date inoculation records.