An undercover officer considered a key witness in the Nadia Gehl murder trial faced his first questions from defence lawyers on Friday.

Attorneys for all three men accused will cross-examine the officer, known only as UCJ, as the trial continues at the Hamilton courthouse.

Gehl's husband Ronald Cyr, Nashat Qahwash and Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky are charged with first degree murder in Gehl's 2009 shooting death.

On Friday, Qahwash's lawyer began the cross-examination by pointing out references to his client in the undercover officer's work were sparse.

He also pointed out that Qahwash rarely said anything and was on the bottom rung in the group's hierarchy when compared to Cyr and Zvolensky.

However, the officer denied suggestions he changes his notes or observations to enhance Qahwash's alleged involvement in the crime.

On Wednesday, UCJ had testified that Ronald Cyr admitted to involvement in his wife's murder.

In video and audio recordings played in court, Cyr was heard talking about the killing. He also discussed the involvement of the other two accused in the case.

The undercover officer had befriended the three suspects over the course of five months after Gehl's death.