Police in Hanover are investigating two separates deaths at the same apartment building.

Shortly after 6 pm on Saturday, officers were called to a residence on 7th Ave. Police found a deceased woman inside one of the units.  

The woman is being identified as 16-year-old Claudia Weppler. Police say she was a temporary resident of the apartment complex and had no fixed address.

Weppler’s death is being treated as suspicious, although Police say there was no sign of violence in her death.

"We’re saying it's unexplained and unexpected," says Hanover Police Service Chief Christopher Knoll.

"Any member of the community that has knowledge of the whereabouts of Claudia Weppler and her movements in the last week to contact the Hanover Police Service."

Three hours later, Hanover Police were called to another unit in the same building to reports of a second death. Police found a 47-year-old man dead in his apartment.

Investigators confirm both deaths are not related.

The next of kin for the 47-year-old man has been notified. Police will not be releasing his name since his death was determined to be from natural causes.