This Boxing Day, two twin brothers from Kitchener and Waterloo are celebrating their 100th birthday with a big party.

Donald and Oscar Duke are believed to be the oldest identical twins in North America. They also have six siblings still living who are all in their 90’s.

The brothers were born in India, and lived in Britain until they arrived in Canada over 40 years ago.

Their milestone has been honoured with a message from the Queen, who wrote a note sending warm congratulations and best wishes for their big day.

So what are their secrets to living a long and healthy life? For Oscar, it is proper education.

“Education is the number one thing in life. If you have a good education, it would be a wonderful life,” said Oscar.

As for Donald, he sticks to a strict routine of three main things.

“You’ve got to pray first, exercise, and eat well,” Donald told CTV News. “That’s my doctrine. I stick to that and it’s paid off. I am a hundred.”