PARIS, ONT. -- A new television show is shining a spotlight on Paris, Ont.

Crews have been spotted around the community filming for the French series called Paris Paris.

The aptly named series takes place in a world where Paris, Ont. is connected to Paris, France by a secret tunnel.

"Paris, Ontario is a magical, magical city," said series produce Rayne Zuckerman. "If there's anywhere that's going to have a tunnel, it would be here."

Zuckerman says the show is about a man experiencing a mid-life crisis when he's forced to move to Paris, Ont. with his family. Things take a turn when he discovers the hidden tunnel in a furnace.

"He's found himself in a way that he's lost himself in Paris, Ontario, so he starts to lead this double life between the two cities," the producer explained.

Zuckerman is calling the producer a family affair. Her husband, who is French, co-created the series, while her son is part of the cast.

The story for Paris Paris was inspired by the family's experience being Francophone in Ontario.

"How do you see value in what you are and who you are in your difference, and I feel that is at the heart of what we're going after in the show," Zuckerman said.

Filming began nearly a month ago, with scenes shot in Niagara-on-the-Lake to appear as Paris, France.

The crew arrived in Paris, Ont. earlier this week.

Brant County's Mayor says a production like Paris Paris can be an economic boon for the community.

"Lots of people get supported, the local food vendors, accommodations and things like that. So we're really glad for the money that it brings in," Mayor David Bailey said.

One of the scenes was shot at the Paris Bakery, whose owner says the filming has been exciting for the community.

"They got a whole shot of our cabinet when it's all full, and so hopefully people will see it and think they want to come in," said owner Julia Pickard.

While Paris, Ont. has been the backdrop of TV shows in the past, disguised as other locations, Pickard says she can't wait for everyone to see the town for what it is.

"I think it will draw a lot of attention here and definitely help out the businesses down here that have struggled and that have had to close in the last year," she said.

Paris Paris will air this winter on the Canadian French language channel Unis TV.