A trustee with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board says he will not appeal the board’s decision to discipline him over comments he made in a local newspaper.

Anthony Piscitelli suggested the board should look at opening its doors to non-Catholic students in an op-ed piece he wrote in the Waterloo Region Record on September 18th.

He also claimed the board does not currently admit non-Catholic students.

Other trustees took issue with Piscitelli’s statements, saying the board admits non-Catholic students on a case-by-case basis.

Even though Piscitelli apologized for the comments, the trustees decided he violated the board's code of conduct. They voted 6-2 to remove him from board committees for a period of four months.

“I personally disagree with the decision that the board made, but I respect their right to do it,” said Piscitelli after Thursday’s vote.