WOOWICH TOWNSHIP -- A week after Trinity Bible Chapel hosted in-person services, and were given a number of charges for it, the church has made the switch to a drive-in service.

Hundreds of cars were packed into the parking lot Sunday morning in Woolwich Township listening to Pastor Jacob Reaume deliver his service through their radios.

"Well at this point it appears to be our only option to gather on our property," he said during the service.

Regional police officers could be seen nearby observing the scene, something that was left just to bylaw officers the week prior.

The church was found in defiance of a court order for the in-person services last Sunday. Reaume and other church leaders are now facing charges of up to $10 million from the Region of Waterloo.

"Parking lot service is not church, but it's a gathering on the property where people can hear the word of God preached," said Reaume. "So we're going to persevere in this trial and trust the lord will give us victory in the end."

The church has agreed to suspend all in-person services until the lockdown order is lifted.

"We're here to offer the hope of Jesus Christ to a community that's in despair," said Reaume.

Officials who were observing the service say there were no incidents to report.