With a jury in place, testimony began Tuesday at the second-degree murder trial of Xhevahir Myftari.

Myftari has admitted to stabbing his sister-in-law to death inside her Rockwood home in August 2012, meaning jurors are chiefly tasked with determining whether Myftari was criminally responsible for the killing.

Tuesday’s testimony came from Vlashi’s niece, Entella Muca, and her husband, Artam Limka.

When Myftari attacked Vlashi, court heard, Vlashi was chatting with Muca via Skype.

“He punched her with his right fist, but missed her,” Muca testified.

“She turned, she put her hands up and said ‘Xhevi, what are you doing’”

Myftari was living with Vlashi, a nurse, at the time. Jurors heard that the pair had a good relationship.

Jurors have heard that Myftari suffers from schizophrenia or a similar disorder, and was taking anti-depressants at the time of the stabbing.

Limka testified that he saw, via Skype, a hunched-over Myftari move his right hand “very fast” – and that when Myftari got back on his feet, a bloody knife was visible.

The trial continues Wednesday. It is expected to last for most of the month.