KITCHENER -- A group of devoted hikers have set out on a 24-hour, 65-kilometre trek to raise awareness and money for those who feel the cold everyday.

This is the third year that people have embarked on The Crossing Trek.

It was started by three friends who did it together, raising $5,000 the first year.

The group has grown since then as has the amount of money they've raised—this year, the group has brought in over $40,000 for the Working Centre, and is still accepting donations.

"After getting to know how many people are displaced in Kitchener-Waterloo, it just made absolute sense to do what we're doing," explains organizer Ashley Demarte.

First-time trekker Tina Cassidy is one of 111 people making the trip from Cambridge to Winterbourne.

"It is a really big commitment but it's something we're all totally committed to to make a difference," she says.

Cold and tired, sure, but the trekkers have trained for the walk and have the supplies they need.

The people that they want to support often have much less.

"I think there is great power in collective effort for community goodness, so that's what we're trying to accomplish here, working together to help uplift those in our community who are more vulnerable," explains Trek Director Tessa Jennison.

Demarte stresses that, while it's definitely a challenge, the trek isn't exclusively for those in peak condition.

"I am not an athletic human being and I would like people to know I have done this twice and you can do this too – it's something that is achievable by everybody," she says.

The group estimates that their trek will end sometime early morning.