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Traffic restrictions in place as thousands of university students move to Waterloo

Waterloo’s University District is a hive of activity this weekend with thousands of first-year students settling into their new homes on campus.

University of Waterloo will see about 5,000 move in by Sunday. Wilfrid Laurier is expecting around 3,350 at its Waterloo campus – an increase from previous years.

“We've added 300 beds this year with an off-campus residence that we've secured,” says Chris Dodd, Wilfrid Laurier director of residence. “We have a bed for everybody [in first-year] that wanted to be in residence.”

Traffic and parking restrictions are in effect in the area until Sunday, with several streets reduced to one-way traffic.

“I’m excited, nervous, all of the above,” says first-year Wilfrid Laurier student Hudson Bardwell, moving into a dorm on Seagram Drive. “They’ve made it really easy here, people are really friendly so it’s great.”

Although it’s an exciting time, police will be keeping an eye to make sure everyone stays safe.

“We can educate, we can ensure to support the student life here in Waterloo Region, but there has to be a balance of respect,” says Waterloo Region Police Chief Mark Crowell. “Not only traffic enforcement and the Uptown Waterloo bar scene, there's a balance to all of it."

Classes begin as early as Tuesday. Top Stories

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