Cathy Purdy needs her mobility scooter to get around.

But on Friday morning she ran into trouble when the front wheel on her scooter went flat, leaving her stranded behind Fairview Park Mall.

“It wouldn’t budge,” says Purdy. “I tried to put it in neutral and push it but I couldn’t push it.”

She called the scooter company but they said they wouldn’t be able to come for a week.

“I said that’s not going to work. I’m stuck at the mall, I can’t get home and it’s cold.”

Purdy sat outside for an hour and half, hoping that someone would stop. She says she was cold, and starting to panic about how she, and her mobility scooter, would get home.

That’s when Keith Lee and his tow truck drove by.

He saw her waving and stopped.

“She was in tears when I came to help her. She said: ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe that you are actually helping me. You are like an angel out of the sky.’”

“He said ‘don’t worry’, and gave me his arm,” says Purdy. “He said first thing we will do is get you in the truck and warmed up.”

After Purdy was safely in the truck Lee went to work getting the scooter on his flatbed.

Then they drove the three blocks to her apartment.

“I asked him what I owed him,” says Purdy. “He said: 'Nothing, Merry Christmas.'”

Lee then handed her his business card.

“I said if she ever needs my help ever again, just give me a call.”

Purdy says Lee’s good deed shouldn’t go unnoticed and that’s why she contacted CTV with her story.

Lee says he was happy to help.

“I like doing good deeds for people. I don’t mind helping people at any cost.”

-- With files from Nadia Matos