Construction behind a Galt neighbourhood has meant a dusty couple of days for residents there as the city works to extend Franklin Boulevard.

People who live on Langlaw Drive say their properties are covered in dust and mud because of earth work being done nearby.

It started Monday, when residents say they woke up to a blanket of dust covering their backyards.

When they looked outside, construction trucks were working away at building the new road, which will offer a traffic bypass of the downtown Galt area.

As a result of the construction, though, cars, outdoor furniture and decks have been covered in dust.

"I have four vehicles. All of my cars are filthy, they all need to be washed," says Marie Miller. "I have a pool in my backyard, nobody's able to sit in my backyard. The dust in there is totally unbelievable. It's not only me, it's everybody here in my whole neighbourhood."

Viewer video appears to show large work vehicles driving back and forth around the work site, kicking up clouds of dust behind them as they go.

The region says it's aware of residents' concerns and has told the construction company to reduce dust by using water trucks moving forward.