A pair of amateur detectives are renewing a search for a missing woman after a tip in a 31-year cold case.

The tip is from the year after Lois Hanna disappeared: a bra that was found in a gravel pit in 1989 by a man named Graham Hunter, who was 12 years old at the time.

"I forgot about it for years until the OPP put out a call for tips," Hunter says.

That’s when he realized the bra may be related to Hanna’s disappearance.

The OPP is still considering this a missing persons case after Hanna was last seen leaving a dance party in Lucknow in July 1988.

Nick Oldrieve and Matthew Nopper are the two amateur detectivesbehind the renewed search.

The pair runs a website called “Please Bring Me Home” that is dedicated to solving various cold cases.

They believe the bra could be linked to Hanna’s case.

Oldrieve tells CTV News the bra matches where Hanna went missing from.

Hanna’s peach nightgown is also missing and there are reports that a woman was wearing one near where the bra was found.

 A woman’s scream was said to be heard that night in the same area as well.

"So this now is an area of interest for us," says Nopper.

Police believe she made it to her home near Kincardine that night before she vanished.

An official date for the search has not been set yet, but Hunter plans to participate.