KITCHENER – The tiny house movement just received a major push forward in the City of Kitchener.

Council voted Monday night in favour of a recommendation to allow tiny houses, granny flats and garage apartments on most properties.

The end goal is to increase the affordable housing supply.

It's also part of provincial legislation that requires municipalities to allow homeowners to build a second unit on their property.

Aside from the provincial legislation mandating the change, this proposal comes from public feedback.

"We have heard from residents that they want more options for housing and so this is a response to the residents that have told us that that's what they want," explains Coun. Sarah Marsh.

"I'm very optimistic that this will be something that will be taken up by Kitchener residents for years to come."

The recommendation is going another step further, saying that owners can put up to three units on a single property.

With the new motion passing, 50,000 residential properties will qualify for the new regulations.

Most low-rise and high-rise properties won't meet the requirements to add another unit.

The idea is to create a larger affordable housing pool by allowing increasing the number of smaller rental spaces with a limited supply of land.

The changes will come into effect for 2020.