Home owners and nearby businesses in St. George are breathing a little easier, after the Ministry of the Environment issued a work stop order at an animal rendering facility which has been accused of causing a stink.

Shannon Stecko lives nearby and says, “We had a little glass of champagne last night. It was a long fight for neighbours that live right in the area and it was a good decision.”

TimCo Foods was shut down Tuesday morning and told to halt operations.

Over the last 15 months, neighbours complained the facility was omitting foul smells as it turned animal remains into edible oils.

Brian Cahill an inspector with the Ministry of Environment says the owners of plant were given several opportunities to come up with a solution.

“We’re making sure there's no more products going into the site and that there is no more processing on this site at this time” says Cahill.

The owner met with his lawyer for most of the morning and on their advice is not commenting on the sanctions.

The MOE’s decision is a vindication for those who live nearby.  However, they say if TimCo can find a way to contain the smell, they'd gladly welcome the business back.

Carl Evans lives across from the plant and says, “I’ve got no problem with them operating at all... I just don't want to live in the smell all the time.”

“If they can come up with a plan, and we don't smell it, we're good” says Stecko.

But neighbourhood celebrations may be short-lived. Cahill says the company does have the right to appeal the suspension of their environmental compliance approval.

“Whether or not the company chooses to exercise that right is up to them.”

Neighbours say if TimCo does decide to appeal, and starts up again before the odours are contained, then they'll likely raise a whole new stink.