Dozens of guns were turned over to local police agencies during a month-long amnesty program.

The program, which allowed gun owners to surrender weapons without fearing charges over issues related to their ownership or storage, involved most police agencies in Ontario.

According to the OPP, a total of 2,101 guns were turned over across the province.

While most of the guns will be destroyed, some will be kept for what the OPP describe as “historical, educational or training purposes.”

Guelph police say they received 49 guns through the program – including 26 rifles, 18 shotguns and five handguns.

“By disposing of these unwanted firearms, we ensure they don’t get into the wrong hands,” Guelph Police Chief Jeff DeRuyter said in a press release.

In Brantford, police reported receiving 22 rifles, 20 replica guns and one handgun.

Police say people can turn in unwanted weapons at any time by calling to arrange a pickup – not by bringing them to a police station without warning.