KITCHENER -- A Kitchener business owner who offered shelter to the homeless in her corner store was evicted by the sheriff on Tuesday morning.

Duke Corner Store on Water Street North downtown is now closed, its locks changed from the ones under the previous tenant.

Udanapher Green, who goes by Nadine, had owned the store for seven years.

"The sheriff is inside with 10 police officers to evict us, and we're refusing to leave," she told CTV before the eviction was finished.

A court order was issued for Green to leave the property.

"Out staff noted that in addition to the poor state of repair of the premises, there were people loitering about the front of the property throughout the day and evening and sleeping inside and outside the premises nightly," a statement from the company that owns the building reads in part.

"As the premises are built for retail purposes only, there are no safety systems onsite to support residential use."

The building owner, a numbered Ontario company, says it started taking legal action to evict Green in October, claiming she had stopped paying rent in September.

Green, though, says that's not the case.

"I only owe for this month. I don't owe any rent. That's all a lie," she says.

For the last year, Green has been offering shelter in her store to people experiencing homelessness.

She says she began doing it from what she saw downtown.

"I just saw the need. People were always outside sleeping and I invited them in," she explains.

"I started giving them food from donations and everything, just to help."

Stephen Parish has been sleeping at Duke Corner Store for the last few months, preferring it over a shelter.

"(It's) more of a friendly environment. I actually know the people here," he says.

Green says she's sad to see her business close, but she's more concerned about the people she's been helping.

She plans to open a new corner store and continue to help those in need.