KITCHENER -- The federal government has announced a new grant to help homeowners make their properties more energy efficient.

Chris Nyyssonen, president of Energuy, said he's been busy since the program launched.

"The phones are ringing and homeowners are super interested in how they can save energy and reduce their carbon footprint," he said.

The Greener Homes Grant offers participants $5,600 towards reducing their carbon footprint; $5,000 for eligible retrofits and $600 for EnerGuide evaluations.

Steven Dyck of Guelph Solar said he's also seen more business.

"Typically we'll get in the order of 10 or so really solid leads a week, and we had 75 in this past week," he said. "It's been very, very busy."

Dyck said they'll look at people's hydro bills to see how much power they're using and design a system for them.

Environmental groups said they're happy to see Ottawa prioritizing smaller projects that can add up to big changes and reduced emissions.

"If you reduce the amount of fuel or energy you need to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, then your utility bills will be smaller and you'll save money so it’s a very straight forward proposition there," said Mary Jane Patterson from Reep Green Solutions.

More information on the application process and what's eligible can be found on the government's website.