KITCHENER -- A Cambridge parent is sounding alarm about a viral video prank that she says could have sent her daughter to hospital.

Joanne Steenkamp says her daughter, who is in the ninth grade, was a victim of the so-called "skull breaker challenge."

The prank, being circulated with videos on social media applications such as "TikTok," involves people convincing someone to jump in the air, and then kicking the jumping person’s feet out from under them, causing them to fall.

In Steenkamp’s case, she says her daughter fell onto a concrete floor.

"She ended up falling; she hit her hip really hard," Steenkamp told CTV News, adding that her daughter was also left with a sore shoulder and a bruised elbow.

Steenkamp says she was told by her daughter’s school principal that the other girls involved in her incident are now required to write her daughter an apology letter.

However, she’s going public with her family’s story in the hopes that no other student will become a victim.

"Just talk to your kids," Steenkamp encouraged parents.

"Tell them it’s not okay, just educate them, educate yourself. Check their phones, check their TikTok videos. Listen to what they’re talking about and thinking about, and what they find humour in, and just be on top of your kids."

Some elementary students told CTV News they were also aware of the prank.

"I think it’s dumb, because people could hurt themselves really bad," one student said.

Officials with the Waterloo Region District School Board told CTV News they will not be commenting on the matter..