KITCHENER -- An online candy store once based in Cambridge, Ont. is hiring a job that would pique Charlie Bucket's interest.

Candy Funhouse is hiring at least two "candyologists" to taste test different candies and chocolates.

The company said that candidates should be enthusiastic and eager to try confectionary as it's looking for "honest and objective opinions" on the products.

"Candidates will be responsible for tasting and reviewing from the 3,000 products we currently carry," the posting read in part.

"The candidates will also play an integral role in selecting the candies that will be a part of the first ever Candy Funhouse branded candy line."

The company said that line will include 10 new and original candy creations.

There are two positions listed on the company's website: one full-time, the other part-time. Both positions are remote. It's not clear how many of each the company is hiring.