PLEASE NOTE: As the chicks have grown and are now spending much less time in the nest, this feed was discontinued on July 7. You can still use the video player above to watch our coverage of this year's family.

High above the CTV Kitchener studio, there's another family coming together.

Last year, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and Waterloo Region Nature built a nesting box for a family of peregrine falcons nesting in our microwave tower.

Four falcon chicks were born and raised in the box, before learning how to take flight themselves.

Now it's another year, and Castor and Mystery are raising a new family -- so we thought it was time to bring back the livestream of our camera overlooking it!

A second egg showed up before Easter, and then a third. In total, there were five eggs in the nest. That's unusual for peregrines, as a typical clutch only contains three or four.

At the beginning of May, the young birds decided they'd had enough of their eggs and started to hatch. Tragically, one of them didn't survive its first week.

On May 24, the chicks came down to ground level to be examined and tagged by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and wildlife officials. They were also given names -- Hope, Tenor, Ziegler and Casper.

The next big milestone came on June 13 when after a week of preparation, the chicks started to take off and fly!

You can watch the falcon family's progress live 24/7 by clicking on the video player above.