KITCHENER -- Some primary care offices in Waterloo Region are now offering AstraZeneca vaccines to patients 55 or older.

Regional officials released a list of clinics offering the vaccine on Thursday.

Here are the clinics administering the vaccines:

  • Delta Coronation Family Health Organization, Dr. Ayoub, Dr. Bal, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Singh, 201 - 614 Coronation Boulevard, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Medical Associates, Dr. Diane Humphrey, 34 Blair Road, Cambridge
  • Centre for Family Medicine, Dr. Fuss, Dr. Pefanis and Dr. Yee, 435 The Boardwalk, Suite 404, Waterloo
  • Forbes Park Medical Centre (Forbes Family Health Organization), 26 Forbes Street, Cambridge
  • Dr. Kathleen Bedrosian, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 305, Waterloo
  • The Medical Clinic (MD Care Family Health Organization), Dr. Patel and Dr. Jugdave, 124 Weber Street South, Waterloo
  • Nith Valley Family Practice, Dr. Sarah Rinaldi, 1 - 10 Waterloo Street, New Hamburg
  • SRS Medical Centre at The Boardwalk (Kitchener-Waterloo Family Health Organization), Dr. Naik, Dr. Sehl and Dr. Seibel, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 310, Waterloo
  • Waterloo Region Family Health Organization, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Pellow and Dr. Reimer, 430 The Boardwalk, Suite 306, Waterloo

Patients at these practices will need to book an appointment directly with their care provider.

Dr. Neil Naik can now vaccinate some of his patients against COVID-19 at their doctor's office.

"There's comfort in knowing a familiar place, there's comfort in knowing someone you know is giving you the vaccine," Dr. Naik said.

He said it's already proving to be a popular option.

"We did not expect a huge response for AstraZeneca given all the negative press, but it's been huge," Dr. Naik said. "The phone calls keep coming."

Bringing the vaccine to primary care facilities is seen as an important part of the rollout strategy, especially when it comes to people at-risk and could benefit from the shot.

"We know our patients, we know what their medications are, we know what their medical conditions are," Dr. Naik said. "We have a rapport with patients."

The region said more practices will be added to the list next week.

Select pharmacies in the region also started administering AstraZeneca vaccines this week.

This map shows the locations of pharmacies and primary care settings where vaccine doses are available.

Pharmacies are blue; primary care settings are green