KITCHENER -- A retired Cambridge chef took home $600,000 with The Bigger Spin Instant Game.

Denise Adams, 65, said she plays the lottery regularly and chose this game on a recommendation from a friend.

She treats herself to Instant tickets as a reward for finishing work around the house.

"I won the in-store spin and made my way to the store," Adams said. "The clerk said 'I hope you win' right before checking the ticket. She was so excited for me!"

Adams said she's waiting to tell her family how much money she won.

"I want to share the moment with them in person. I feel like I've worked hard and put my kids through school and now I can look back and feel blessed. I am happy and thankful," she smiled. "This will be the start of the rest of my life."

The OLG winners can come to claim their prize in-person only if they require face-to-face interviews. Anyone with prizes over $50,000 should call ahead to find out if they need to make an appointment.

Adams bought her winning ticket at Hasty Market on Saginaw Parkway in Cambridge.