Kiwanis Park pool has been closed for nine months as crews work to update it.

But now that the warm summer weather is here, residents miss going there for a cool dip.

The pool was nearly 50 years old and not up to current standards.

So the City of Kitchener chose to plunge $3.5 million into replacing it.

Construction is expected to be complete by Halloween, and the new pool should be open by May or June of 2018.

The city is also planning to add a spray pad to the area, but the pool itself will look a lot like the old one.

“It will still be a graduated slope beach entry which was one of the big attractions of Kiwanis Park. It felt like you were in a lake,” said Denise Keelan, Manager of Aquatics & Volunteer Resources with the City of Kitchener.

Despite some confusion over signs on the property that suggest Kiwanis is closed, most of the 114 acre park is still open.

Walking, cycling and use of the dog park are all allowed, but driving in the park is not, and the city wants people to avoid the pool area while it’s under construction.

“Anyone who wants to enter the park and park at the upper field can come in and enjoy the dog park, they can come in and enjoy the picnic table on the far side, but we're discouraging people from coming near the site or near the fence,” Keelan said.

Another project is planned at Kiwanis Park this fall.

The city plans to plant 150 trees for Canada's birthday.

The event will happen on September 27, National Tree Day.

However anyone who would like to participate must register by the end of June.

If residents are looking for a place to cool off while Kiwanis is closed, there are other pools in the area.

Moses Springer pool is in Waterloo, and Kitchener has three others: Harry Class, Idlewood and Wilson.

With reporting by Abigail Bimman.