KITCHENER -- Two of Kitchener’s peregrine falcons have returned to their favourite bird’s eye view of the city.

The adult birds are back at the microwave tower above the CTV Kitchener building.

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation says they can't be 100 per cent sure, but say these are likely the same falcons from last year.

The experts say that's because falcons like to claim their territory.

The foundation says that the adults up there last year were a bird named Mystery and a mystery bird, which they don’t have any information on.

But they should know the identities by sometime next week.

Last year, the pair of peregrine falcons nested up in the tower and laid eggs.

By May 8, three eggs hatched, and were brought down 20 days later to be named, tagged, banded, and weighed.

They were named Kawhi, Jupiter, and Hemera. They took their first flights in June.

The foundation says, at one point, these birds could have been found on every continent in the world but the use of insecticide nearly eradicated the peregrine falcons all over the world.

"It has been close to a 50 year national respiration recovery effort to bring the birds back to same sort of numbers," said Mark Nash, president of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

"We’re pretty lucky here in North America that we’ve been very successful in those respiration recovery programs that we have these birds back."

CTV Kitchener will not offer a 24/7 livestream of the birds on its website this year due to the current network demand on livestream channels.

In the meantime, the station will post footage of what the peregrine family is up to each day.