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Suspicious fire causes $100,000 in damage to old bowling alley in Cambridge


A fire at the former Dickson Bowl in downtown Galt has caused significant damage to the building.

Five stations were called in around midnight Thursday to the structure fire.

“I was in bed, but I did hear a lot of fire trucks go by,” said Megan Evans who lives nearby.

Cambridge Fire says they needed to go into a defensive strategy when they arrived but later switched to an offensive strategy.

“It was a vacant property that has been breached and has been known to have individuals inside the building,” Eric Yates, chief fire prevention officer with the Cambridge Fire Department said. “At the time of the fire, we didn’t see anyone inside the building. Further investigation with the police will hopefully determine if someone was.

The fire resulted in a major roadway being closed for much of the day.

No injuries were reported, and the building has been cleared of anyone inside, according to Cambridge Fire.

Adding that the building has been vacant for years, and it wouldn’t be the first time that someone has broken in.

Cambridge Fire says they believe the incident is suspicious, but fire prevention and regional police will be at the scene later in the day to investigate.

The forensic unit was on scene Thursday afternoon.

The structure has been assessed, and investigators began entering the building Thursday morning.

There is no word yet on the cause of the fire, but officials say the damage estimate is around $100,000.

The fire prevention officer told CTV News the Ontario Fire Marshal's office was consulted Thursday morning, but is no longer involved in the investigation. Top Stories

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