A report to the Waterloo Region District School Board finds student expulsions are on the rise.

According to the WRDSB the number oftotal school board expulsions almost doubled from four in 2015, compared to 7 in 2016. 

The report also found the number of elementary school suspensions has increased by 15 incidents when comparing 2016 to 2015.

The number of violent incidents at the school board is also on the rise.

Last week police were called to a fight a Cameron Heights that saw one student taken to hospital for treatment and another charged with assault.

Officials say events such as those also climbed last year compared to the previous year.

The school board can’t comment on whether or not the rise in violent incidents is related to the rise in suspensions and expulsions.

School board superintendent Peter Rubenschuh says he's not overly concerned with the increase.

He says these numbers typically fluctuate year after year.

“Sometimes we see an inordinate spike in a particular month. Not significant but enough that it has us take notice. And then when we review that overall though, then we look at the year to date numbers in fact we're below what we would have projected last year,” said Rubenschuh.

Earlier this month Ontario's elementary teacher's union also highlighted concerns about violence in schools.

The union is calling on the province for more resources for student with special needs such as social workers and psychologists.

With reporting by Victoria Levy.