One of three men charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Nadia Gehl claims he had nothing to do with it, but implicated the other two accused.

On the witness stand Nashat Qahwash told the court the other two men charged, Ronald Cyr and Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky, were involved in the shooting in February 2009.

Qahwash said his long-time friend, Zvolensky, wanted to buy a gun for a robbery, and Qahwash thought he could also use the gun to hold up drug dealers.

He said he then used his connections to get the gun, while Zvolensky provided the $1,700 to purchase it.

Qahwash says he gave the gun and a clip to Zvolensky in plastic bags the morning of the murder, and when the two met up later that day Zvolensky seemed uncomfortable.

Qahwash told the court that's when Zvolensky told him he'd shot Nadia Gehl because her husband, Cyr, had asked him to do it.

Zvolensky apparently also told him there was some insurance money he would get for it down the road.

Qahwash, who openly wept on the stand at times, said he had no prior knowledge of the murder or that the gun would be used in a shooting and had no part in it.