KITCHENER -- Two police cruisers took some damage following a run-in with the driver of a reportedly stolen vehicle.

Guelph Police say they located the Jeep Commander idling in a parking lot at Woodlawn Road and Woolwich Street on Tuesday around 10 a.m.

Officers reportedly followed the vehicle as it exited the parking lot and later attempted to block in it at Paisley Road and Hanlon Parkway.

The driver rammed into the front cruiser as police approached the vehicle, according to officials.

Police say an officer used a baton to smash the driver’s side window and deploy a taser on the driver.

The driver then reportedly reversed, rammed into the rear cruiser, accelerated forward, and forced the officer to jump out of the way.

Officials say the vehicle jumped the median and sped away. Police did not pursue due to safety of the public.

The officers involved in the incident did not sustain any injuries.

The driver is described as a south Asian male wearing an orange toque.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Guelph Police.