The man who survived a double shooting in Milverton was on the witness stand Wednesday at the murder trial of his former roommate.

Tyler Baker was shot in the face during the December 2012 altercation.

Although he was rushed to hospital in critical condition, he ultimately survived. More than three years later, his face continues to bear scars from the shooting.

Baker told the court that he had only a few memories of the night of the shooting, including waking up to find himself bleeding and placing a call to 911.

He said that he had a hard time speaking after he was injured, after which defence lawyers read a 911 transcript indicating that he clearly said “I need an emergency” when connected to a dispatcher.

Much of Wednesday’s testimony focused on the relationships between Nicole Wagler, a 17-year-old girl who was killed during the shooting, her accused killer Michael Schweitzer, and Baker.

Jurors heard that Baker and Wagler began a casual relationship in the summer of 2012. Later that year, Schweitzer struck up his own sexual relationship with Wagler.

Baker testified about a night weeks before the shooting.

On that night, he said, he and Wagler were about to have sex when she asked him if Schweitzer would be joining them – something which eventually happened.

The court was told that Baker was too drunk to have sex that night, and the other two continued without him.

During cross-examination, Schweitzer’s lawyer claimed that Wagler “pissed (Baker) off” by rejecting him in favour of Schweitzer – an accusation Baker denied.

Jurors were also shown a photo of Wagler’s lifeless body in the living room, with a pool of Baker’s blood nearby.

Baker, who mainly gave one-word answers to questions he was asked, testified that he had never seen that photo before Wednesday, and had never been questioned about it.

Separately, he admitted that he knew how to use Schweitzer’s gun and that the two of them had gone skeet shooting together about a month before the shooting.

Schweitzer has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and attempted murder.

His trial, which was delayed repeatedly Wednesday due to electrical issues in the Stratford courthouse, continues Thursday.