KITCHENER -- A group of students from Kitchener are spending their summer building tiny homes for the homeless.

The project is led by St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, with a goal of converting the tiny sheds into 10 livable spaces for people in the community who need them most.

Students have picked different paint colours for the homes and have already started installing insulation.

“We’re doing insulation, dry wall, painting them some really fun colours,” says volunteer Amandi Perera.

Volunteers say this is a good transition for people looking for a place to call their own.

“When people go from a tent or the street to an apartment really fast they get overwhelmed sometimes, that’s mostly the case,” says volunteer Maria-Fernanda Torres-Ceron.

“What they were telling us is this is a really great in between step. People can get used to a roof, living inside and having a property of their own.”

The church is also accepting donations on its website to help out with the project.