A group of students from Guelph travelled to Ottawa today but not for a field trip.  Among them is 16 year old Nallely Enriquez-Colin.

Along with her family she's facing deportation back to Mexico after calling Canada home for the past five years.

In Guelph this morning, students held a silent vigil for the teenage girl. One by one students at Our Lady of Lourdes catholic high school walk out of class, with banners in their hands in support for their fellow classmate.  Aaron Subang says, “ She's helpful, reliable, someone you can depend on.

Nallely is not a Canadian citizen; she's a Mexican national now facing deportation.

In a YouTube video, Nallely explains the circumstances that brought her to Canada five years ago. “When I was in grade three my family and i were kidnapped” says Nallely, “I’m afraid of going back to Mexico because since I’m the youngest one in my family I’m kind of a target.”

The family is asking to stay based on compassionate and humanitarian grounds, but the hearing won't likely be for another two years.  Federal immigration law requires them to leave this week.

Fifty students and the school's principal were absent from this morning's vigil.  They’re in Ottawa, meeting with MP Frank Valeriote, in the hopes that something can be done for Nallely and her family.

“I’ve met with the minister on a couple of occasions, Minister Kenney and Minister Toews, and they've assured me they will look at it judicially” says the Guelph MP.

There’s been an outpouring of support on social media for Nallely and her family but Valeriote says all that attention could be hurting the proceedings.

“You can't have these or any other matters that are almost judicial in nature aired publicly. There are facts and details that only they and I know about.” says Valeriote.

 So for now all the catholic school students can do is pray knowing that Nallely  has a flight back to Mexico booked for Thursday.