KITCHENER -- Police in Guelph are investigating after a man allegedly coughed deliberately in the face of a city employee.

According to a news release, the incident happened at around 2 p.m. Sunday.

Officials say that a City of Guelph employee was doing COVID-19 screening of splash pad patrons at city hall.

That's when police say a man bypassed the line and coughed in the employee's face.

The suspect is described as being about six feet tall with a tanned/sunburned complexion and short blond hair in a brush cut.

He was wearing an orange and white, short-sleeved polo shirt and tan or grey shorts.

Police say they're investigating, and are reminding people that they're in the midst of a global pandemic.

"At this time, like any, being respectful, courteous and kind are traits that Guelph residents are known for," a news release reads in part.

"Let’s all strive to be better together during this difficult time."

Guelph started reopening its splash pads over the weekend.

The city currently has 208 confirmed cases of the virus, including 170 resolved cases and 11 deaths.