KITCHENER -- Waterloo Regional Police have issued a warning about the theft of high-end jackets.

Since November, eight expensive coats have been stolen.

Four of the thefts happened at a restaurant or cafe while the jackets were left unattended.

Other incidents involved jackets that were unsecured in a locker or a vehicle.

The brands of choice for the thefts are Canada Goose and Moose Knuckle.

As recent as Dec. 20, a man was assaulted on Phillip Street in Waterloo by two men. They took off with the victim's winter jacket.

It is a trend that's become violent in a number of Ontario cities.

Hamilton police issued a warning on Friday following incidents involving 17 victims where they were either swarmed by a group, or threatened by a weapon, for their high-end coats.

Police are suggesting that people don't leave their high-end items unattended. They also say to walk with a friend on well-lit paths and busy streets.