All public high school students in Stratford are packing into Stratford Northwestern Secondary School due to renovations at Stratford Central High School.

This situation has caused major traffic on Forman Avenue.

Students from St. Michaels Catholic Secondary School also have to walk through this area because it is on the same property.

About 2,500 students, hundreds of cars and buses pack this street every day.

"This has been so crazy to be here because the traffic is so full that it took me 20 minutes to pull into this parking lot from half a block down," says Kirk Ehrhart, a parent of one of the students.

The city has put in crossing guards in front of Stratford Northwestern to make the walk to school safer.

Stratford city officials and the school are also asking parents to not drop kids off on the side of the road.

They have requested for drop-offs to happen on a side street or a designated parking lot away from the school.