Stratford police are warning the public about the dangers of walking on thin ice after receiving numerous calls about people taking a shortcut across the Avon River.

Officials tell CTV News a group of teenagers from a nearby high school have been spotted on the river.

They say the cold temperatures have not been around for very long, so there are still pockets of open water.

Both the police chief and the fire chief are worried someone could fall through.

“It’s unsafe at this time,” says Insp. Sam Theocaris with the Stratford Police. “And really, [the Fire Department is] thinking about starting to do their winter ice rescues down there on the river themselves, and there are about to cut the ice. But again, it’s not even safe for them to get on there.”

Police say if anyone is caught walking on the ice, they won’t be charged, but they will be brought in for questioning and given a lesson on the dangers of walking on thin ice.